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Luscious Body Butter


Here is a fun little project that you can make for a stocking stuffer or to fill a relaxing gift basket for your favorite people! This butter is so moisturizing, a little goes a long way! Perfect in small containers for a teachers gift or gift for your neighbor! Join me in making this Luscious Body Butter:




What you’ll need:

  • 1/2 cup shea butter
  • 1/4 cup mango butter
  • 1/4 cup TOTAL oils – I used vanilla infused jojoba and avocado
  • This recipe makes 8 ounces of body butter. You can safely use 72 drops of essential oils

What you’ll do:

  1. Warm a pan of water on the stove
  2. Add butters and oils to medium glass bowl
  3. Place over simmering water and heat until melted
  4. Remove from heat and place in refrigerator for about 30 minutes until it begin to firm on the edges
  5. Whip with hand mixer until frothy
  6. Return to refrigerator for about 30 minutes, until solid
  7. Whip again, adding essential oils
  8. Scoop into container of your choice

Recipe ideas:

  • I used peppermint with the cocoa butter for a minty/chocolate scent.
  • Vanilla is always a hit, use a vanilla bean infused oil – add orange for a creamcicle scent
  • For a super easy body butter use any of our Therapeutic Synergies

Stay tuned for another exciting project, tomorrow, as we continue our 25 Days of Christmas sales and DIY specials! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Here’s the SALE for today:

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Lotion Bars



This recipe is perfection for making small batches as gifts for friends, a hostess treat or stocking stuffers! This way, if you don’t like how it tuns out, you haven’t used up your precious ingredients and can tweak the recipe to your needs. I had these adorable snowflake and snowman silicon molds. Perfect for stocking stuffers or hostess gift for all those holiday parties! Don’t forget – later in the month we’ll have some super cute packaging ideas for you!


What you’ll need:

  • 3 ounces cocoa butter
  • 3 ounces coconut oil
  • 3 ounces beeswax, mine is grated so it looks like a lot!
  • essential oils of your choice. I chose peppermint!

What you’ll do:

  1. Warm a medium pan with water on the stove
  2. Weigh all ingredients into glass dishes
  3. Place all ingredients, except essential oils, into a larger glass bowl or measuring cup
  4. Place glass bowl over pan of simmering water
  5. Melt butter, oil & wax
  6. Remove from  heat and stir in 36 drops of peppermint essential oil
  7. Pour into silicon molds
  8. Cool
  9. Package


Tie these up in group of 3 with butchers twine or other fun strings. Pop a few into your mother-in-laws stocking or add them to spa baskets for all your friends! The possibilities are endless. I am keeping one by my nightstand and it’s awesome just before bed, my feet have really loved the extra pampering!

Don’t forget about our sale!!! It has BEGUN!!!!!

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Join us tomorrow as we start the 25 Days of Christmas sales! We know you are just as excited as we are for this last sale of the year!

Plant Therapy Facebook - 25 Days Sale Countdown - 01Don’t forget to READ each graphic carefully. All the instructions you need to complete your purchase is listed on the sale flyer! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter (click here to subscribe) and follow the blog to be among the first to know what the sale is for each day! We’ll also be making announcements on social media sites!

We are looking forward to this sale and hope you are as well. A few quick notes:

  • We can not guarantee the sale beyond the sale date. If an item becomes unavailable, a “sold out” notice will be listed. We have done our very best to anticipate sales, but we can’t know what everyone will buy! It’s best to shop early! Thank you for your understanding.
  • The warehouse is doing their best to re-stock all items prior to the sales going live. They have been working with suppliers and are getting ready for you to purchase your favorite items. However, if we are out of something you want we can not guarantee it at the sale price.
  • Don’t forget we offer free shipping everyday for our US customers!! So you can order each day without incurring additional costs!
  • If you’re one of our amazing international customers – don’t fret we have some awesome deals for you too!!
  • Follow the instructions on each sale flyer. Some days have coupon codes, other sales require you to leave a comment in the box during checkout (this is typically found in step 2). We provide all the information you need!

We have the best customers, so I know that each of you are very excited and looking forward to this sale! Join us back here tomorrow for our FIRST DIY PROJECT! We’ll be making some really lovely lotion bars!!

As always we are here to help. Have a question, just email us! We’re happy to help! for all your aromatherapy  needs and for any customer service issues!


25 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas


Starting with our 25 Days of Christmas sale, we will be offering some DIY gift ideas, diffuser blends and other little tips and tricks to make your home the winter-wonderland of your dreams! We’re starting posts earlier than the sale to give you a few good ideas so you can organize your supplies and make your lists!

We’ve partnered with Mandi Ehman of Life Your Way to bring you a wide variety of easy-to-do projects and items for fabulous gifts, and other things for your home. We know you’re busy during the holidays baking, cleaning and getting ready for company. Our goals are to provide easy projects with personalized flair. Hopefully we can help you make the most of your time & money.

Some days we’ll post a list of items to gather so you are ready to make the DIY project, then the next day we’ll post the project for you to make. A few days we’ll give you a recap of posts that have already been published, in case you missed something. Other days we will give you a few diffuser ideas to set the holiday mood in your home. Still yet – we will offer packaging, wrapping and labeling ideas and much, much more!! Let’s make this an unforgettable holiday season…

Stay tuned for all the fun stuff that we have coming up for you!!

Don’t forget that sales change each day! So you know what to expect, you can sign up for our newsletter – which is delivered to your inbox the evening PRIOR to the sale beginning. All sales begin at midnight CENTRAL STANDARD TIME (CST) on the specified date and end at 11:59 pm CST that same day. So that gives you 23 hours and 59 minutes to take advantage of each sale. For each sale there are instructions to follow: PLEASE read each graphic carefully and follow the specified information. We’ve made it simple and easy to take part in our sales! Also, remember this is the BUSIEST time of year at Plant Therapy. So be patient with us while we answer each and every question!

In the meantime, let’s talk diffusers (this may or may not be a *hint*): everyone should have one. There are models that fit every budget. Why don’t we take a look at at some of the ones Plant Therapy offers, then I will tell you my favorite one! Each graphic is clickable & will take you right to the page for that diffuser!!

Let’s start with the ones that use no water, these are commonly referred to as atomizing diffusers. You simply plug the bottle of essential oil right into the port and off you go. These are great for very large spaces and work by emitting the essential oil in small bursts of vaporized oil. We offer 3 diffusers in this category:

Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser

The second class of diffusers are ones that use water. Commonly called nebulizing or vaporizing diffusers. This is our most popular “class” of diffusers. Simply fill the reservoir with the specified amount of water and drop in the suggested amount of essential oil. Each of these diffusers has different features. Check them out to find the one that is right for you:

Aroma Sens Diffuser

The Apple Diffuser

Classic Diffuser

Moon Ultrasonic Diffuser

The rest of the diffusers we offer are fan or heat driven. They each have a felt pad, on which you drop the essential oil. Either a fan blows or heat warms the oil and disperses it through the room or car. These are perfect for in the car on those long trips to visit the family over the holidays or in very small spaces, like bathrooms.


AromaShell DiffuserScentBall Diffuser

Finally, we offer Personal Inhalers, which can fit easily into your pocket or purse for those times when a traditional diffuser is not appropriate. They feature a cotton wick inside a plastic tube, simply drop your desired essential oil or synergy onto the cotton wick (10-15 drops per wick) and insert into the tube. Snap on the end cap and they’re ready for use. They are reusable, just replace the wick. We even offer these in new, fun colors!Personal Inhalers


Stay tuned for the next 24 days, we have so many surprises in store for you! We hope you enjoy this run up to the holiday season! Don’t forget, we’ll have lots of ideas so don’t worry if you miss something – there will be many more great ones to come. DIY gifts, ways to make your home smell divine, some fun projects even your kids will love. There are even some printables and packaging ideas for your gift wrapping & labeling needs! We’ve thought of it all… now take a deep breath, make your wish list, check it twice! Have you been naughty or have you been NICE?

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Feature Friday: Pine


Pine essential oil, like most other conifers, can be useful for respiratory issues. However, unlike other conifers, it can also be useful for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Pine is such a versatile essential oil.



As we near the holiday season – the scent of pine is often in the air. Diffuse 2 drops of pine with 2 drops of orange and 1 drop of peppermint for a fresh scent in your home. Other ideas on how to use pine are:

  • Adding 6 drops to 1 Tbsp of lotion and applying to chest for those stubborn winter coughs.
  • Using 9 drops in 1/2 cup of epsom salt as a foot soak for athletes foot.
  • Add 4 drops pine with 4 drops copaiba to a warm bath when feeling achy from illness, relax and let the warm water soothe you.

I hope that you have found a new way to incorporate Pine into your essential oil stash! If you have specific questions or concerns, please be in touch by emailing us at Don’t forget to print this profile & add it to your notebook – you should have quite a collection now!


Magnesium: What is all the hype?


What is magnesium?

Magnesium is an essential mineral that our bodies need to function properly. Magnesium can be found in many food sources such as green, leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, fish, beans and lentils, and even dark chocolate! I wanted to share why it’s so amazing and a few recipes you can add to your magnesium lotion if you choose to make it! Click here to view the DIY Magnesium Body Pudding

Why do we need it?

Magnesium is responsible for or involved in over 300 functions in your body! Hormones are your body’s messengers, when their function is disrupted so are many of your bodily functions. Being deficient in magnesium can cause mood swings, hormone disruptions, migraines, anxiety, and muscle issues just to name a few. Things can quickly become unbalanced. You may notice weight gain, unwanted hair growth, lack of sexual desire, and other issues. Since your sleep cycle is also regulated by hormones, your good night’s rest may be impacted by low magnesium levels. Muscle health and function is related to magnesium levels, as well. Without enough magnesium you may lose muscle tone, have cramps or tics and may even experience muscle soreness or fatigue.

With soil depletion from crops so common, it can be difficult to consume all the magnesium you need by just eating foods high in the mineral. To balance this, we must turn to supplementation. You have a choice of taking a supplement in pill form. Such pills or capsules are generally highly refined and contains filler and binders. Not your best choice! Let’s look at a better way to get magnesium into your body!

Why use it transdermally (through the skin)?

We already know that the skin is our bodies biggest organ. Responsible for keeping water out and our organs, muscles and bones in. Our skin is truly amazing. Among it’s virtues is the ability to absorb certain things and allow our body the best use of those materials. We learned a bit about how our skin functions in this fashion in a recent post called “Are there driver oils?

When we use magnesium on our skin, it has near instant access to our bloodstream and can be assimilated by the  body! This is the most efficient method for using magnesium. Creating a magnesium lotion or using magnesium flakes in the bath are the two best ways to get it into/onto the skin. To get even more bang for your buck, you can add some calming or relaxing essential oils to the mix and have a good nights sleep or relaxing afternoon!

Click to see Monday’s blog post on how to make a magnesium body pudding. It’s divine and you can customize it with your essential oils! Check out below for a few ideas:

We hope that this gives you some insight into why magnesium is so amazing. As always, please be in touch with us via email if you have any further questions, concerns or comments. We can be reached at You can also join our Facebook page Safe Essential Oil Recipes to share your favorite recipes with like-minded members!


Magnesium Body Pudding


Today’s DIY project is something I have been mulling over for a long, long time. Ok – not that long but at least the past two years or so. I am so excited to share this with you.This is a divine body product. I was put off by other magnesium products, since they tend to be drying and leave a stickiness behind on your hands. I was unable to avoid the stickiness, but this product is smooth, silky and very moisturizing! I hope you like it as much as I do!!!!


What you’ll need:

  • Small saucepan
  • Small glass (pyrex) bowl
  • rubber spatula
  • Immersion blender
  • 1/2 cup melted magnesium flakes*
  • 1/4 cup mango butter
  • 3 tbsp jojoba
  • 3 tbsp beeswax, shredded (or about 0.5 ounces)
  • 2 tbsp hydrosol (I used lavender – stay tuned for hydrosols, coming soon!)
  • 12-15 drops essential oils of your choice. I used “Nighty night

*melt magnesium flakes by placing in a container and allowing to sit at room temp for several days until melted. Alternately, you could add 2 tbsp hot water to 1/2 cup magnesium flakes. Your final product will be a bit thinner.

What you’ll do:

  1. In a small glass bowl over simmering water (makeshift double boiler) combine mango butter, jojoba and beeswax. Allow to melt. Remove from heat
  2. In small saucepan, pour melted magnesium flakes. Gently warm over low heat for 2-3 minutes. Turn off heat
  3. Add hydrosol, mixing briefly
  4. Add your essential oils to the melted butter/wax
  5. Using immersion blender, begin blending the cooling butter/wax
  6. Slowly dribbling in the magnesium/hydrosol mixture. Continue blending
  7. At this point you’ll notice the product firms up into a “gel” type consistency -It reminded me of pudding, hence the name – Keep blending
  8. Finally, after adding all the liquid, scoop into a container
  9. This makes 1 cup of product
  10. Store in airtight container. I take out about a weeks worth, and keep the rest in the refrigerator


I use this magnesium body pudding on my feet twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. I love it! I shared a sample this recipe with a friend, who was having trouble falling asleep at night. She then wanted me to help her learn to make some and now she swears by it! I hope you have the same success – please be in touch if you have further questions contact us at


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