Safe Essential Oils For Children



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We want to mention that if an oil is not on this list it does not mean that it is not safe to use on younger children. These oils were chosen by Plant Therapy’s expert as the oils to start out with when using essential oils on younger children. We tried to pick the most commonly used oils, so that everyone has a good base to start!


We do recommend that you still follow the dilution chart!

Have fun experimenting with what works best for your young children. You must feel completely comfortable knowing that you are doing everything you can to make the oils the work effectively while still making them safe for your children!

dilution guide chart final


Author: Plant Therapy

Because we believe in the power of essential oils, and know of their incredible benefits, we want them to be used in as many households as possible. Plant Therapy was founded with one goal in mind... we want to provide the highest quality essential oils (and accessories) at a price that everyone can afford. Plant Therapy provides oils that are 100% pure, undiluted and of the highest quality. We want to have a relationship with our customers where they can trust us. We want them to feel comfortable trying new products, asking questions and becoming educated in the many uses and powers of essential oils. Part of this relationship comes from the desire that Plant Therapy has to educate our customers on not only the best ways to use essential oils but also the safest ways to use them. And with two certified aromatherapists on staff, we feel like we can do this! When our customers pick up an essential oil, we want them to feel confident in it. We want them to know that they will have success because they know everything they need to about that certain essential oil and what it is best used for. We strive very hard to educate our customers. On our website, under each individual oil, you will find everything you need to know about that oil: the botanical name, chemotype (if applicable), origin of plant, extraction method, suggested uses, safety concerns and much, much more. On our blog you will find suggested uses, safety tips, educational information, DIYs and so much more information! You can find more information at under the About Us section.

35 thoughts on “Safe Essential Oils For Children

  1. it does not say it here, but in your email newsletter that i get it says “All of these essential oils are also safe to use while pregnant or nursing. ” I want to know where on earth you get your information because clary sage is not safe in pregnancy, diluted or not! Before making any safety claims I highly recommend you get the advice of a qualified aromatherapist or other such qualified person rather than making such careless assumptions that people are uneducated enough to follow. I think that the power of essential oils is greatly underestimated by assuming that “it’s natural so it’s safe and I can use as much as I want” (this seems to be the attitude of many people using essential oils it seems) and this new fad of using essential oils for everything every day is not the smartest idea. I think that just like “regular” medicine, they should be used when medically indicated, when needed, not just for every little discomfort, prophylactic reasons, etc, and that when they are used, that the person using them should have knowledge from a reputable source as to how much to use, which one’s to use, etc. Thank you.

    • Thank you for commenting your concerns. All of this information was taken from Essential Oil Safety by Tisserand and Young. Robert Tisserand is one of the most known experts in the safety uses of essential oils. After this information was put together by me, it was then looked over by Plant Therapy’s expert. I believe the information on the safety list is correct as it was looked over by two very well known experts in the essential oil industry.

      If you look over Plant Therapy’s blog, you will see that safety is very important to Plant Therapy. We strive very hard to educate our customers on the safe uses of essential oils and I do tell our customers on a regular basis that they should only use essential oils when needed and not just because they have them and that it is also very important for them to do their own research.

      You are always more than welcome to email me with any questions or concerns you might have. Thank you!

  2. Can I assume these are all safe to diffuse around children 2 and up?

  3. What about for children over a year? Would it still be safe for them? I have a 5 1/2 and 14 month old and thinking of diffusing sweet orange and fir needle to help with cold and congestion.

  4. Are they safe to put on a 14 month old’s feet?

    • Courtney,

      We generally do not recommend usage on children under 2. However, in cases where you feel it is necessary the feet are certainly one of the best places for application! 🙂

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  6. Thanks for the great info, but my husband keeps pointing out the spelling errors. LOL. Under Anxiety, you have lavener and orage sweet. Under Anger, you have frankicense Not wanting to be rude, just wanted you to know so you could correct it. 🙂 I love being educated on safety and my son will be 2 soon, so it’s nice to know what can be used on him. I’ve only used lavender on him so far.

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  9. Is it safe to use Germ Fighter in a hand sanitizer with aloe when you handle a 7 mo old?

  10. Is vanilla a kid safe oil?

  11. I have had several tell me that Bergamot can cause convulsions and death in children and shouldn’t be used so now I am scared. Please clarify.

    • Mandy, I had never heard of this so I contacted Plant Therapy’s expert Robert Tisserand, and this is what he responded to me:

      “Bergamot oil has never caused convulsions – or death – in children or in anyone else, and it’s not remotely toxic. The source of this myth seems to be WebMD, and, which both have this: Children: Do not use bergamot oil in children. There have been serious side effects, including convulsion and death, in children who have taken large amounts of bergamot oil. And Wikipedia quotes WebMD, showing the same thing.

      The UK’s epilepsy society has this about Bergamot:
      Aromatherapy uses pure essential oils: oils that are extracted from plants. Some oils have a relaxing effect on the body and the brain, for example lavender. Some oils have a stimulating effect on the body and brain, for example Bergamot. Which sounds like bergamot might not be good to use in epilepsy. But other sites state that Bergamot oil can be therapeutic in epilepsy.”

      I hope this helps.

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  13. Reblogged this on don't buy lies and commented:
    Save worthy link: Safe Essential Oils For Children

  14. I would love a kid safe list for children 6 months to a year.

    • We do not recommend the use of essential oils with children under 2 years old. However, we do offer hydrosols, many of which are safe to use with children over age 6 months when diluted appropriately.

      • What about diffusing around children 6 months to a year? I have a nine month old.

      • Typically, my recommendation is to diffuse while the child is napping or playing in a another room. If you want to diffuse in their room, do so for about 30 minutes prior to bed. Then turn the diffuser off! 🙂

  15. What about teething? I have read in several places that diluted Lavender and Roman Chamomile are safe for children under 2.

    • Yes, the dilution needs to remain very low, at about 0.25% and used on the EXTERIOR of the jawline. This isn’t something I recommend often, feeling more confident with hydrosols or even herbs (such as chamomile brewed into a “tea) and used as a compress

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  18. How do I use the antimicrobial bled, should i diffuse it in my kid’s room? Also, if I need to use the something on the rashes of my kid’s cheek and face , which blend should it be,the antibacterial one or the skin problem related ones?

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  20. A Chiropractor recommended tea tree oil drops in my 19 mo old sons ear for reoccurring ear infection. Is it safe or does it need to be diluted?

    • We do not advise placing ANY essential oils in the ear (for any reason). Instead, speak with your pediatrician for other options to ease the discomfort associated with an ear infection.

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